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Standard Home Inspection

Our Standard Home Inspection covers structures of varying construction technologies - Conventional

("bricks and mortar") and Alternative Building Technologies (ABTs): Light Steel Frame Building (South African National Standard 517) (Visit SASFA), and Timber Frame Building (South African National Standard 10082)

I use infrared at every inspection. I see things that other inspectors can't.


I will provide a personalised inspection of your home. 
Contact me today to schedule your inspection!


Ancillary Services

We'll provide a free, no-obligation estimate on the following ancillary services:


Project Oversight Inspection

Personalised progress inspections of new projects or alterations and additions projects to suit your needs. We will superintend the construction works for conformity with specifications and high-quality building standards. Or final snags list inspection.

The question of who is responsible for repairs or damages to a rental property is often disputed between landlords and tenants. A thorough inspection report is the most effective way to avoid disagreement.


Move Out Inspection

Cost Analysis


We offer a cost analysis for repairs and renovations. 

Walk-Through Inspection 

We conduct a walk-through with a client who does not (at this point) want a full home inspection.  A walk-through is less formal and does not require the inspector to adhere to the Standards of Practice or generate a written report.  Observations about the property are communicated orally to the client.


We provide homeowners with advice and guidance on the required compliance with the NBR. The level of advice, guidance and professional service is governed by the Code of Practice laid down by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP).

National Building Regulations (NBR) and Building Standards (BS) 


Final Walk-Through Inspection

The inspector and client perform a final assessment of the condition of the home

just before the client and owner finalise the paperwork for the sale.  Also noted may be items reported at the initial inspection as in need of repair or replacement by the seller.

If there is an agreement to leave or remove certain appliances, fixtures, or household articles, these can be confirmed, too. This checklist can also be used in place of a written report (if requested) for a

Walk-Through Inspection (different from

a Standard Home Inspection). 


Maintenance Inspection

We perform annual Home Maintenance inspections.


Most home buyers and property investors are unable to understand architectural drawings (technical documentation).
Construction systems, elements and components, which may have been included in the off-plan sale agreement, are reviewed in relation to the built product.


Auditing of Building Specifications (Buying off-plan)

Loss Assessment - Buildings

We assist home owners with loss-related (buildings) insurance claims. We can quantify claims to ensure that you claim for an accurate and realistic amount.


R 5000 for a property up to 180m²  

  • Properties over 180m².

  • Annexes and large outdoor areas, etc.

  • A reasonable travel charge may apply for some locations.

  • A reasonable charge for structures older than 20 years.


You will always be informed in advance about any surcharges.

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